Pasta Sorrisi with 4 Cheeses Gluten Free Frozen
Sorrisi with 4 Cheeses Gluten Free Frozen
Sorrisi with 4 Cheeses Gluten Free Frozen Prodotto surgelato
Cod. S4FG | Cod. EAN 8054309808555
Pack of 500 gr


Ricotta ( whey, cream of milk, salt), corn flour, fresh eggs 10%, Bella Lodi cheese 10% (milk, salt, microbial rennet) potato starch, water, rice flour, mozzarella 4% (milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes), 3,5% Gorgonzola (milk, rennet, salt), 3,5% Emmenthal (milk, salt, rennet), xanthan gum, natural flavor, salt (nutmeg, pepper).


The establishment uses eggs, milk, crustaceans, fish and molluscs. Gluten-free.

Methods of use:

Traditional: soak the product in boiling salted water for 2 minutes. Drain and season with extra virgin oil, butter and sage or with other sauce to taste. For a better result skip the pasta in a pan with the selected sauce.

In a microwave oven: place the frozen product in a suitable container and dress with a fairly liquid sauce. Then bake for about 3 minutes.

In a steam oven: Place the still frozen product in a perforated pan. Bake without pressure for 6-7 minutes and season to taste.

Nutritional values average per 100 gr
925 KJ
FAT 8.6 gr
of which saturates 6.1 gr
of which sugar 0.5 gr
PROTEINS 10.7 gr
SALT 0.71 gr
FIBERS 1.8 gr
PKg x Layer PKg x Plt 90 Pcs x selling unit 1
Plt Type EPAL Plt Height Net weight selling unit 500 gr
Net weight Box 5,00 Kg Layers x Plt Selling unit x Box 10 gr
Primary packaging Heat-shrink film Secondary packaging Dim. Box cm