Bread substitutes Wrap Gluten Free with Extravirgin Olive Oil
Wrap Gluten Free with Extravirgin Olive Oil Wrap Gluten Free with Extravirgin Olive Oil (confezione)
Wrap Gluten Free with Extravirgin Olive Oil
Cod. PSGO80 | Cod. EAN 8054309802188
Pack of 160 gr


Vegetable Mix LP (corn starch, inulin, psyllium fiber, thickener: guar), vegetable mix (corn starch, gluten-free wheat starch, rice flour, bamboo fiber, thickeners: xanthan gum and tara, raising agents: di-disodium phosphate, sodium carbonate), water, tapioca starch, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil (4%), corn starch, salt, glucose syrup, potato starch, emulsifier: lecithin sunflower, flavorings, thickener: glycerol, yeast: saccharomyces cerevisiae, potassium sorbate (0,2%).


It does not contain allergens

Methods of use:

After opening the packaging, store in a cool dry place, away from heat sources. Heat in a griddle or nonstick skillet very hot max 1 minute per side or 15/20 seconds in the microwave at medium temperature of the grill. Once heated, you can heat it up again.

Nutritional values average per 100 gr
1194 KJ
FAT 8.97 gr
of which saturates 1.29 gr
of which sugar 2.73 gr
PROTEINS 0.95 gr
SALT 1.94 gr
FIBERS 4.2 gr
PKg x Layer 8 PKg x Plt 80 Pcs x selling unit 2x80gr
Plt Type EPAL Plt Height 105 Net weight selling unit 160 gr
Net weight Box 1,60 Kg Layers x Plt 10 Selling unit x Box 10 gr
Primary packaging PET+PE EVOH Secondary packaging Carton Dim. Box cm 33x28,5x9